Secret Vastu Photo Test?     Yes, indeed.   Learn better vastu right here, at the better vastu capital of the world.
Vastu Secret Photo Test - Bigital

Dr. David Cohen, ND, Phd, MH, CNC, the world's premiere naturopath, loves to astonish.
As you find the vastu secrets in this page, you find the Psychology of Longevity
Since the Psychology of Longevity is, naturally, already a part of you,
make the Psychology of Longevity a part of your daily life.
Each PowerGem is a perfect shortcut, working for all.
Breathe deeply, not in shallow spurts.
Drink enough water to clean out.
Stretch several times per day.
These are perfect shortcuts,
health tips that work for us all.
Look to those who are doing it better.
Make a habit of getting two and ten opinions.
Success is the best source of information in all human arenas.

The Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts,
all designed to help you to help yourself... and then others.
Helping the hopeless counts among the perfect shortcuts.
Every single day that you stretch, physically or mentally,
without exception, is a day you erase ravages of aging.
A perfect shortcut when you're smart enough to use it.

To keep you floating with the thrill of brand-new information,
one of the delicious functions of
the number of breaths you take can be a most useful indicator.

No other test known more instantly assays your Longevity.
In a nutshell, the deeper you breathe, the longer you live.



Vastu Remediation Is Better Knowledge And Skill

Vastu remediation is less difficult than it may seem at first glance.
Most people who learn about vastu turn first to vastu remediation experts.
While this is generally wise, and useful, it may not be necessary for you to do.

Vastu is energy. When we learn to do our own vastu remediation, we tend to prosper.
This is a strong statement, one that the Route of Healthy People offers cautiously.
As expands with respect to vastu remediation techniques,
you will expand your own knowledge base, doing your own vastu remediation.
If you like, Dr. Cohen can help you with vastu remediation until you learn.
Dr. Cohen, a globally-recognized vastu remediation expert, CAN help,
even over the telephone if you cannot come to his offices yourself.

Energy runs through the earth in huge tunnels, or channels. You can gain benefit from this.
Learning to remediate your vastu - if your vastu even needs remediating, is self-supportive.
Dr. Cohen prefers that you learn and study on your own, so that you participate intelligently.

  Please have your question or questions ready BEFORE you call.   Thank you.
vastu remediation expert


Vastu Remediation Is A Beginning For More Of Your Better Vastu Development

Better vastu ensures, beyond anything else that man has discovered or developed so far, opportunity.
Better vastu does not make you rich in currency, although it is not possible to financially prosper with poor vastu.
Better vastu does not heal the results of stupid health and dietary decisions, although no one can heal with poor vastu.
If you doubt for one minute the validity of the world's oldest form of science, and oldest formal science, think twice.

How do you explain that three of the best vastu locations on earth...
... are beneath the homes of the world's three richest human beings?
You think this is coincidence, or you're just foolishly limited in your thinking?

ADVANCE NOTICE: The "catch" to BDORT and vastu is that the person testing must have strong brain points.
That means the first two fingertips placed on the highest point in the head will test strong with B-DORT.
It is that simple, and the QCI held atop the highest point of the head for 20 seconds resets your biofield.
Again, do not express your opinion until you have personally witnessed or experienced these irrefutable facts.
ANYONE holding the QCI vial at the acupuncture point known as GV20 will temporarily strengthen every point in the body.
How delicious that those who seek to refute it get proven wrong instantly, AND get proven wrong consistently and repeatedly.
From one whose IQ, studies, and yield are greater than that of anyone you know, YOU shut the nayasayers up with speedy proof.
Put this in your pipe and smoke it, remembering that the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts are about universality.
The only gems of wisdom and Longevity worthwhile to the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity are gems that are universal.
With just a QCI vial (Quantum Coherence Integrator), and one minute of training in BDORT (Bidigital O-Ring Test), YOU prove these universal gems!

Let the Psychology of Longevity rock YOUR world with facts that plenty of people do not want you to know.
You are now learning the oldest science in the history of the world, the one most closely tied to prosperity,
and, no coincidence, the formal science most closely associated with keys to better health and Longevity.
Point your first two fingers at a building across the street, let's say it is a small business rental space.
Your friend pulls your B-DORT to see if your fingers come apart easily, or if they hold fast together.


The person doing the test does not even have to be looking at the building!
When your B-DORT indicates a better vastu for that building, there is prosperity.
When B-DORT shows a poor vastu, you can bet the tenants turn over with consistency.
What fool would ever rent an apartment, a house, or a commercial venture without vastu?

As always, you do not need to believe anyone, including your Psychology of Longevity Prove it!
You see, better vastu and poor vastu even show up through photographs! Go to Google Maps and test!

Zoom in on any one of the homes of the three richest men on earth, currently Slim, Gates, and Buffet.
Point your first two fingertips at the building or grounds, and have someone else pull your B-DORT.
All three of these homes show better vastu.   Now, point your fingers at a train station and test.

You see? The Psychology of Longevity shares only proven shortcuts of the Universe.


more than just perfect HealthGems and shortcuts.

Vastu is a part of the Psychology of Longevity because it works, every time.
Dr. Cohen has yet to find any exception that didn't have a logical reason.
As quickly as you get to understand Vastu, it will affect you forever.
You need not believe or anyone else.
Since vastu WILL affect you forever, is it not wise to learn?
Study across the internet, or at libraries, and so forth,
embracing YOUR Psychology of LongevityVastu Smile From The Psychology of Longevity To YOU


Another MisterShortcut creation for the Psychology of Shortcuts and the Psychology of Longevity

Alternative Medicines Capital - Seeking Alternative Medicines To Heal Ourselves With - another Vastu website to help you to help your vastu efforts - because wise is the man or woman who repairs their vastu - A Dr. Cohen Vastu Remediation site to help you help yourself - Dr. David Cohen, an alternative medicine doctor, uses a vast array of the best alternative medicines

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www.Shapelinks.US - EyeCandy Treats Leading To PowerGems - Remember that shortcuts work for you as much as you work for shortcuts. Think again!

- Another delicious Shortcuts Capital - SHORcuts are correctly-spelled synonyms for PowerGems - You access billions of dollars' worth of information here in return for free clickthroughs. Fair deal? :-) - MisterShortcut is thrilled to bring you the Psychology of Shortcuts, the most thrilling website on the internet, for YOUR life




This is a photograph of one of the most amazing men on earth, a naturopath,
and the first human to master so many separate disciplines of naturopathy.
With so many bogus solutions offered by charlatans and incompetents,
Dr. Cohen has been kept up on his toes for several decades now,
separating the often-silly from the sensational, one at a time.
QRA, ( ) to vastu and much more,
Dr. Cohen combines the best with the Bodyscan, etc.
M.D.'s and surgeons not only refer to Dr. Cohen,
many of them consult him personally, as well.
Go ahead, test Dr. Cohen's vastu, with QRA.
Learn to do vastu, with QRA, or B-DORT.
After all, it is YOUR lifetime to extend.




Better Vastu Remediation Is A Choice - Simply check the vastu of ANY human or organization - proving prosperity or lack thereof.
These "vastu" hotlinks take you to the full range of Vastu websites presented to you by the Psychology of Longevity - It appears that prosperity does in fact follow vastu remediation

NOTE TO Dr. Cohen: - these additional vastu sites are being designed, created, and crafted as you read these words.
For now, we will just forwarding these other vastu sites to each other, seeking to generation REAL search engine results.



If you are still looking for the vastu secrets on this page, excellent; you're getting warmer.
If you are not astounded by what you learn when you find and use this vastu secret,
you need never visit the Psychology of Longevity or vastu pages ever again!




Vastu Poem For You

Vastu for this, and vastu for that,
vastu does not play around
with what's under your hat.

Vastu is simply amazing, you know,
for Vastu can ALWAYS tell which way to go.
Vastu is science and science is Vastu,
whether you're in Rome, or Michu Pachu.

Vastu is land, and land is Vastu, all of it good, when you know what to do.

Search for yourself, vastu online, look for the kind of ALL vastu,
don't let vastu pass by, don't waste one thin dime,
make sure that vastu doesn't go past you.

Vastu still works, here and elswhere,
for those for whom vastu gives a care.
Silly or not, vastu still rules, here and wherever you seek...

because vastu has a sweet secret, and at we give you that peek.

Point to the "bad guy" with your first two fingers, straight fingers towards the screen.
Form an "O" with the first two fingers of your other hand,
and have someone see how much strength it takes to pull your fingers apart as you gently resist.

Now, point your finger to the left side of the picture...
and see how much strength it takes to pull your other fingers apart as you gently resist, trying to hold them together.

How amazing is that? This works for food, clothing, CD's, or anything at all, to find out its vastu.

Use vastu to avoid putting garbage into or on your body.

Use vastu to be sure that only nutritive things go down your throat or onto your skin.

Welcome to the as-yet-unfinished, aiming to be the vastu capital of the internet.


David Cohen, America's Naturopathic Doctor, Presents the Psychology of Longevity

You've reached the world's largest naturopathic website,
a sizable portion of your own Psychology of Longevity,
which may qualify it as the internet's healthiest website.   That is left to you..
Filled with your healthiest and wealthiest shortcuts and secrets of those who do better.

Imagine a medical doctor hosting over a hundred free health-related websites!   Not anytime soon, we think.
The Psychology of Longevity is HUGE.
IE users: Tap any letter, number or character
(even upper-case) on your keyboard
for more Psychology of Longevity


Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, widely-known as one of our generation's greatest naturopaths,
is pleased to host many, many hundreds of these healthiest websites, including
filled with your best health tips for living stronger for longer... naturally

If your health has not responded to "conventional" treatment, feel free to call this extraordinarily effective naturopath.

Dr. Cohen always recommends that you first learn more.
Learn to be your own top doctor by learning 3 facts.
That's it: three new facts every day or so, okay?
Each month, you learn what an M.D. knows.
Few M.D.'s know 100 facts about each issue.
Diabetes, cancer, fatigue, cardio- and much more:
There is a world of knowledge for you to make use of.
Stop forming opinions until you have more experience, hm?


Vastu Photo Test - Psychology of Longevity

Vastu, with Dr David Cohen, naturopath, is nothing less than amazing,
because only a rare few fail to be amazed when they take this vastu photo test.

Q.R.A. is the world's oldest technology and the world's newest technology.
Go ahead, amaze yourself with the Vastu photo test you can take here.

Amaze the most jaded critics. Teach them this Vastu Photo Test, ok?

Vastu is for real at the Vastu Capital of the internet.

Vastu Poem For You

Vastu can be this, and vastu can be that,
vastu does not play around, it always knows what's what.

Vastu is perfectly stunning, we all know,
for Vastu will tell us just which way to go.
Vastu is true science and true science is Vastu,
whether you're in Paris, or enjoying Michu Pachu.

Vastu is your land, and your land is Vastu,
all of it will be good, when you know just what to do.

Learn for yourself, at least SOME vastu truth.
Look for the good kinds of ALL vastu for you.

Do not let good vastu pass you by, do not throw away, your precious time

Be certain that your good vastu does not just glide right past you.


Vastu Photo Testing?

Vastu assuredly works, here and all elswhere,
for those for whom good vastu just might give a care.
Inane or not, vastu still rules, here and wherever you seek...

because vastu has the sweet secret, and at we give you that peek.

Point to the "bad guy" with your first two fingers, straight fingers towards the screen.
Form an "O" with the first two fingers of your other hand,
and have someone see how much strength it takes to pull your fingers apart as you gently resist.

Now, point your finger to the left side of the picture...
and see how much strength it takes to pull your other fingers apart as you gently resist, trying to hold them together.

How amazing is that? This works for food, clothing, CD's, or anything at all, to find out its vastu.

Use vastu to avoid putting garbage into or on your body.

Use vastu to be sure that only nutritive things go down your throat or onto your skin.

Welcome to the as-yet-unfinished, aiming to be the vastu capital of the internet.

Hosted by Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC....

pictures courtesy of Clive, at PRL, and his charming wife. Thanks, Clive! Way to go!

(Clive and the Missus travelled around Jerusalem, remediating bad spots,
and converting energy into very definable, literally measurable good energy.

So, Thank you, Clive and Missus Clive, for such GREAT Vastu.




Vastu shortcuts, all in a row,
vastu shortcuts, to hoe that row.
Vastu shortcuts tune you up,
good energy does not come in a cup.
Use your vastu, or vastu uses you.
Remediating your vastu....
controls your prosperity,
like nothing we've seen.




Shortcuts, "Q's" and


* Accidentally or not...*

Minor Conversations Are Majorized In Bold

You might observe that the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts makes primary use of bold lettering.
The ease of hardship this represents for many tens of millions of people with visual challenges is worth observing.
Unlike ALL-CAPS, which we characteristically interpret to mean that someone is dealing with big anger issues,
use of the bold fonts are enough to make a sizable difference between needing glasses to read this... or not.
Thus & so, if you think the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts are screaming aloud,
please remember many millions of people whose eyesight is not as good as yours, fair enough?

When we take a step to make life easier, or better, or more opportunity-filled for others,
we get to enjoy benefits that are the opposite of "minor conversation" productivity.
The results you are observing in your life is less of a total than a subtotal.
While your actions until today combine together to create your present life,
the gift of today is that you get to boost your subtotal every day of life.
All your yesterdays PLUS today are what will total your tomorrow.
Add just one percent more into something that you do today,
and you are promised a tomorrow even sweeter than today.
When you engage your Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts,
you will rapidly find the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts engaging you.

From the easy, simple one-second QRA test you get to use for the rest of your life for food, etc.
to the easy and irrefutably potent shortcuts and secrets of success, the option to learn more is yours.
In return for your assent to helping more of our world's helpless, you get to re-learn the great secrets of life.
Some of the great secrets of life were actually known by you as a child, and then came disempowering adolescence.
Your life became a series of minor conversations followed by disbelief in self, and then more of the minor conversations.

Vastu is what's brought us to this page, so it's hoped you're now more well-versed on the subject of vastu.
Among all formal medical and health disciplines, is there any as ancient and reliable as vastuu shastra?
Since the weakness or strength of living environments has such impact, learning vastu may be wise.
A few minutes here, a few minutes there, and before you know it, you have useful vastu skillsets.
Remediating your vastu, even if only with the use of free Megaphotons, just may surprise you

Bottom line: You cannot learn less about anything. MisterShortcut urges you to learn more.
For a science like vastu to last this long, and still command respect, is one thing itself.
Far larger than that, vastu PROVES to be true. Practice QRA, boost your vastu.


Minor Conversations Re-energized Into Better Energives

One way to reverse the loss of those minor conversations is to invest some of that regained time into your body.

Whether you start with better vastu through the secrets of vastu revealed here, or breathing more, start instantly.
Start now with more air (deeper breathing at least once per hour), clean water (a few ounces every waking hour),
if only because your kidneys, which pump more than a liter of blood every minute of your life, are so heavily taxed;
never less than a teaspoon or two of real salt per day, which is AIR-DRIED sea salt, the third most critical nutrient of life,
knowing that a fantastic eighty-plus percent of all humans seen to live beyond 100 eat/drink unheated olive oil most days.
and plenty of green vegetables, all of which is helped by maintaining good intestinal bacteria, by not eating so much garbage.
You will find more often than not that the greatest secrets of Longevity, as of those relating to wealth, are indisputably simple.
Less talking on your part, more listening to those doing it better than you, followed by your own imitation and innovation.
That is how you win at the game of life ... the most serious and exciting game of all.
Provided you help the helpless, you are welcome at the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity






Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.




Psychology of Shortcuts As A Resource

The Psychology of Shortcuts is the greatest self-empowerment resource, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
indubitably YOUR shortcuts to succeeding.

That's why the Psychology of Shortcuts is here for your life.

We are all looking for the secrets of success. As children, we try to figure the secrets of success....
or we try to re-write the way that we engage these secrets of success. Only rarely do we succeed at this.
As adults, however, we recognize many of the true secrets of success, and yet, only use them rarely, if at all.
Most of the time, we use our secrets of success for truly petty matters, and those issues that constitute urgencies.
When your life is little more than a minor conversation, or a series of minor conversations, success secrets mean little.

You can reverse this situation through the gift of self-empowerment, using all of your resources, and using success shortcuts.

Again, let us change your life from one of minor conversations, to one of major conversations. It is a delicious improvement for self.


Vastu Poetry For Power

Vastu poetry is just a way,
vastu poetry might save YOUR day.
You see, vastu poetry, sublime though it's not,
may lead you to vastu's knowledge of what's hot.
Use QRA and vastu together to test out ANY building.
If it has known many renters, or leasers, over the years,
you can be approximately 99 percent sure they've often failed.
If the location has had remarkably few renters, they often prosper.
In truth, when they pass the vastu QRA test, prosperity is near-certain.
You can offer up all manner of justifications, rationalizations, ratiocinations,
mostly aimed at denying or denigrating the power of testing vastu on most anything.
Fact is, vastu proves to work, consistently, and with food, clothing, water, and so on.
What's truly fascinating is that many things that test weak with bidigital QRA vastu test,
end up testing very strong when you use a modified q-soft or similar laser for a few seconds.
You just wave the beam of the light all around an object or substance, and it can test very strong.
Even humans who have become electrically or magnetically encoded, which means blanketed with radiation,
most often from walking through automatic doors, which send beams of radiation into your body to signal it,
test weak with QRA vastu test because of so much electromagnetic pollution, and test strong after lasering.
You will have to decide for yourself just how powerful vastu is, how useful the vastu QRA bidigital test is.
The most critical thing shared with you within this Shapetalk may not be these facts of QRA and vastu.
It may be even more important for you to recognize the critical importance of multiple source study.
Never take the word of any one source as gospel, not a one. It goes against the nature of humans.
Do not make excuses, do not seek to rationalize based on opinions or citations of any one source.
Learn to acquire more internal knowledge, from both outer knowledge and personal experience.

Vastu and Pareto's Eighty Percent

Pareto taught us the universal truth that 80 percent all of results come from 20 percent of all.
No less than eighty percent of all the opinions expressed are indisputably bogus and false.
That is because the ONLY valid opinions are those based on knowledge with experience.
Only those with experience, especially repeat successful experiences, are our experts.
Experts are true world-class achievers: masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires.
Everyone else is merely engaged in the issues of blatherskite; empty, poor chatter.
Vastu and the QRA bidigital vastu test is but one example of so many thousands.
Studying vastu from a range of credible sources is one approach you may like.
Others among us love to jump in and feel the water ourselves immediately.
If you are one with the first group, well, go study vastu, and study QRA.
If you are in the second group, go learn vastu and QRA in a hurry.
Neither vastu testing nor QRA testing takes much time to learn.
These delightful tools of power are universal, so learn them.
The rest of your life promises to be profoundly impacted.
Funny, vastu QRA bidigital testing is like all wisdom:
What you know is second to what you do with what you know.
As long as you are brighter than a typical tomato or watermelon,
you can learn and even quicly master both vastu, and bidigital QRA.
It does not matter who or where or even, mostly, how you happen to be.
The only thing that matters is your suspension of opinion prior to experience.
Practice your bidigital QRA test, and learn even the simplest basics about vastu.
Use the bidigital QRA vastu test to test your home, clothes, food, and even each other.
By the way, vastu comes from a respected history dating back several thousands of years.
So, unless you perceive more than masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, learn vastu.

The Psychology of Longevity assures you it can, easily enough, improve most of our lot in life.
Little you have ever encountered in life is likely to stun you as much as bidigital QRA and vastu.
The Psychology of Longevity & Dr. Cohen hope you've found the vastu photo test secret at


Use your Psychology of Longevity to help feed starving people
Nice to know you can make a difference

If the singular achievement of the Psychology of Longevity is enticing your clickthroughs, we all win.
Socially-conscious corporate sponsors purchase 1.1 cups of staple food for starving people with free clickthroughs.
When we click this food button and the one that pops open we get to save a human life... at no charge to either of us.
Can you think of a more noble effort for the Psychology of Longevity to pursue?   What goes around....

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Learning more inevitably leads to living more.
From choosing a one-word domain (Sure, use QRA to test the name, too!),
to grapsing the core or even advanced techniques of vastu testing,
learning more is far more of a choice than it is a mere chance.
Learn more, that you might live more, maybe give more, too.
THAT is the prime goal of the Psychology of Longevity.

May your vastu journeys become rich with wisdom,
and may you pass vastu knowledge along, too.

Shapetalk is a function of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Shapetalk is one of many ways to attract effective search engine listings.
Enjoy the Shapetalk. Please remember to look beyond the Shapetalk,
for the PowerGems and assorted bits of wisdom you'll find here.
What you know is less than what you do with what you know.
What you do with what you know is why we admire you.
Welcome to the Shapetalk Capital of the Internet.



Vastu Poetry Redux - Shortcuts To Greater Knowledge

Vastu poetry is merely a way,
that a vastu poem could save YOUR day.
After all, vastu poetry, sublime though it's not,
might guide you to vastu's knowledge of what's hot.
Use QRA and vastu together to test the vastu of ANY building.
If it has housed a great many tenants across its decades of being,
you can be inordinately confident that many a tenant has not prospered.


If the location has had inordinately fewer renters, they're likely prosperous!
How can such a thing be determined by a mere test of O-ring with thumb & finger?
Best way to be confident of THAT answer is, of course, to speak less and test more.
Offering any flavor of rationalizing or ratiocinating or mere justifying for it,
or, conversely, concentrating on the denigration of vastu testing accuracy,
the bottom line is the proof is better than belief.
Less talking, more testing, hm?
Vastu will rock you nicely.

Truly, unless you know more than masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, learn vastu.
The Psychology of Longevity assures you it can, easily enough, improve most of our lot in life.
Little you have ever encountered in life is likely to stun you as much as bidigital QRA and vastu.
The Psychology of Longevity & Dr. Cohen hope you've found the vastu photo test secret at



Secret Vastu Through Proven Vastu Secrets

Secret vastu and vastu secrets, who will open up and show the way?
Secret vastu and more vastu secrets, learning better vastu brightens your days.
Of all the scientific inquiries conducted by MisterShortcut over five BUSY decades,
few areas of scientific inquiry appeal to the Psychology of Longevity mindset like vastu.
Of all that you learn, of all that surprises you, inside the Psychology of Longevity or beyond,
vastu, and learning how to create your own better vastu, and better vastu for those you care about,
is easily counted among the most astounding, breath-taking, mind-freezing scientific inquiries of all.
There is nothing like better vastu, and you have no hope of prospering without having better vastu.
There are no known exceptions, and YOU get to prove the theories and science of better vastu.
Everything in vastu for the individual to master boils down to no more or less than b-dort.
B-Dort = bi-digital o-ring test. Make an "O" with your thumb and any of your fingers.
Have someone pull your fingers apart gently, as you resist. It's not a tug-of-war,
it is a test of your "zero point" - how much it takes to separate your fingers.
Now, point two finger to anything coming within the biofield of your body.
When your fingers separate easily, that item is certain to weaken you.
When your fingers do not separate easily, it will add to your strength.
Point to electrical sources or trains, buildings or even other people.
One bizarre exception: the brain point of the tester must be strong.
You can always correct that with a vial of paramagnetic minerals,
known to many thousands as a glass container called "QCI vial."
Carrying or walking with q-tape in your shoes also strengthens.
Do not eat or drink anything testing weak with your b-dort test.
So, now you know one of the truly master secrets of the universe.
Nothing in your life should ever be the same, with your power of vastu.
There are numerous ways to correct bad vastu in order to create better vastu.
Knowing the difference between good and bad vastu, worse vastu, and better vastu,
is the difference between knowing how to prosper, and knowing why you are not prospering.
Point your first two fingers to any building, even fifty or a hundred feet or more away from it.
Have someone "pull your b-dort" to see if the building has got good vastu, bad vastu, or great vastu.
In every case, you will see the truth: Buildings with many turnover tenants who have not prospered? Bad vastu.
Buildings that have the same tenants for many years, are almost universally buildings with better vastu for tenants.
When you know powerful information in advance, you make better decisions about buying or renting places with better vastu.


Secret Vastu Truths - Prove They Are YOUR Vastu Truths

As always, no need for you to believe the asseverations of the Psychology of Longevity or the Psychology of Shortcuts.
As with all PowerGems of life, vastu, and better vastu, are not subject to opinions, attitudes, or what you think you know.
Better vastu is established and maintained through pure science, that even a child can prove through personal experimentation.
Test vastu yourself. Start with this secret vastu photo test, if you like, or start with the fusebox in your home or office or elsewhere.
The Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts urge you to learn the tips of better vastu, for YOUR better vastu and prosperity.
These secrets of vastu have been hidden in plain sight for thousands of years. Now, it is YOUR turn to enjoy that better vastu and prosperity.